I reccomend anyone who would like to strip their own dog to buy this dvd,,,,,,


Sandra Pounder Southhampton, Hampshire UK. Sept.11






Hi Karan,

IT CAME!!! Thank you so much to you and your husband for producing this video!  It cleared up many of our questions about what equipment was needed and the techniques.  The only one not so happy was Susan the WFT, she's not so well behaved as your Airedale puppy. She did however, enjoy barking at the dogs in the background of the video.

  Heather Jordan USA. Oct.10

Hello again,

just to say many thanks for sending DVD and manual which arrived yesterday, this will be a great help,

Kind Regards

Julie Pownall Somerset UK. Feb. 11

Hi Karen,

The DVD was clear and understandable, it was just as good as being in the class room so thank you.

I haven't had to put it into practice as yet but when I do I now have the confidence and knowledge thanks to you.
Kimberly Mansfield Glos. UK. Mar.11

It is very useful.  As advised we are novices at this and the dvd will be of great benefit because it shows all that is needed to get our dog into shape.  Whether we will ever be as practiced as Tony and yourself is another matter!?

 Thanks again

 Neil, Notts, UK. Dec 11