Starcana Maximum Risk


Hip Score 3/4

Sire: Starcana Oliver Twist

Dam: Thunder Looper



 If you have a long haired dog that you feel will benefit from a lovely trim because you are vacuuming a lot due to a moulting dog then please read on. We are open Monday - Saturday 10.00 until late. Call 01775 750484 for an appointment we also have a pick  up drop off service.














We now offer Microchip Implants for just 10 for each pet










Starcana Grooming  offers a low cost dog grooming service without any compromise on quality. Karan & Tony do thier upmost to groom dogs in accordance with customer's wishes, unfortunately on occasions this is not possible. Karan & Tony will always present customers with alternative styles and advice on brushing and grooming your dog in-between  visits. Although Karan & Tony are exceptionally good at thier jobs they are not a miracle workers and dogs with severe matting will need to be shaved.

Dogs are not Bathed Un-less specifically requested we bath  dogs in fresh warm running water and use JDS Insecticidal flea & tick Shampoo. If you wish to give Karan or Tony  a grooming list. please could you adhere to the following:

  • Please make the list LEGIBLE as deciphering the list is time consuming.
  • Requesting that your dog look more like a girl is not only pathetic but impossible.
  • Please be practicle and precise.
  • If you want your dog to have a long coat make sure you can cope with the every day brushing. If the coat becomes matted through brushing neglect your dog will have to be shaved next time.
  • Don't think that we can do in 1 hour what you as dog owners should have done in between appointments.

We will do everything in our power to satisfy our valued customers grooming needs, but unfortunately some customers make this harder than it should be.  Thankfully the majority of our customers have used our services for years. They know us personally as hard working, respectful and diligent characters. We would like to enjoy our working day and feel comfortable and safe within our working environment. We would like to state upfront that awkward customers, customers using colourful language and displaying aggression will be swiftly dealt with and banned from visiting for life.

Pet Services
Please note that these are guide prices and assume that your dogs coat is in good condition. A final price will be given at your consultation. De-matting will be an extra charge and this will depend on the extent of the matting - if it is felt that this is so bad that it would cause distress and discomfort, you will be advised to have your dog clipped.
Grooming is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain good coat condition.

All dogs are clipped unless specified Hand Stripping is Charged at 15 extra on the grooming prices

Airedale Terrier       from     25 every 8 wks

Border Terrier         from     15         12 wks

Cairn Terrier            from     15         10 wks

Goldern Retreiver    from      20          8 wks

Jack Russell            from       10        10 wks

Japanese Spitz        from       15          6 wks

Lhasa Apso            from       15          6 wks

Poodles                  from       10          6 wks

Shih Tzu                 from       15          6 wks


American/English    from       15         6 wks

King Charles          from       20         6 wks

Springer/Cocker     from       20        8 wks

Yorkies                  from       10        8 wks

Westies                  from       15        8 wks

Wire Fox Terrier    from       15        8 wks

This does not include Nails, Bathing, Ears or Anal Glands these are charged at:

  • Nails                                 5 Recommended every 6-8 wks
  • Bathing                 From    5
  • Anal Glands                    10


All breeds (Includes Paw cleaning & trimming, massage with Natural Ingredients Balm finished with Nail Polish)     10


  • Collection and delivery service is available within the local area for just an extra 5 Saivng you the hassle of travelling. If you live further afield please contact us for a price.


Max is proven and has sired many litters,  also many show winners.























Before Grooming

After Grooming













We also have dvd's  to help you learn how to look after your dogs in all area's such as grooming, breeding, showing etc.

 Clydachs Silver Shadow for Starcana


Before Grooming
After Grooming

How To Hand Strip Your Airedale Terrier

Our NEW 2 DVDs will show you how to hand strip your Airedale Terrier & Show you what tools you will need to do the job. This is for Begginers

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If you dont use paypay please make a cheque payable to:-

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Please remember to add your name & address.

How to Hand Strip your Airedale Terrier

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